Thursday, November 26, 2015


dearest world.

its thanksgiving.
and im thankful.

the list is so long.

my mom is still with me.
she annoys me to no end.
but she is still here.
and im thankful.

my brother and my sister in law.
hes an idiot.
she puts up with him.
im not sure how he become so blessed.
im thankful for them.

the higgins.
every. single. one.
i cannot get enough of them.
i am thankful that God knew what he was doing.
i am thankful they are in my life.

the graves.
all sets.
pastor. gg.
jenny. harley.
i just know that my life is better.
im thankful.

there is no place like home.
no matter if my life is going crazy.
no matter if the place is just filled with crazies.
its my safe place.
my haven.
im thankful.

my job.
i love it.
and i hate it.
but i love that its stable.
for that im thankful.

the list can go on and on.
but for now.
ill just say, that i dont deserve all the happiness in my life.
but God seems to love me enough to bestow it on me.
im thankful.


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