Tuesday, January 27, 2015


dearest sickness.

i don't like you.
go away.
never come back.

in bed by 7

Monday, January 26, 2015

old friend

dearest old friend.

im proud of you.
i am not sure where you've been.
or even what you've done over the last few years.

but I can remember laying on the floor of your home.
praying that you would be okay.
praying that you would make it.
praying that you wouldn't be destroyed in the life you were pursuing.

you started off great.
had a pretty bad middle, as far as I can see.
but it's amazing to see the later middle.
it's amazing to see that you are back.
where you need to be.
with the new family you have.
new to everyone.

I'm proud of you for knowing your way back.
not everyone makes it back,
but you are back.
it's something to thank God for.

all of my childhood prayers were dedicated to you.


dearest self.

if you were really tired.
really tired.
of all the things that stay the same.
year after year.

you would change them.

you're obviously not done yet.

& that's sad.


Sunday, January 25, 2015


dearest sir.

i sat at the table. as they slandered you.
not terribly. but enough that i wanted to tell them they were wrong.
i wanted to clear your good name.
it wasnt your fault that youre blinded.

i couldnt even open my mouth to do so.
in that, im sorry. i should have.
i should have said what needed to be said.
i shouldnt let them have said anything about you.

i saw to much today. more than i asked to see.
in fact i asked to not be told anything at all.
but the people that would be, didnt keep it from my eyes
although i asked. i did..

i dont envy you.
being on the inside looking out.
i dont envy you one bit.
you cant see it.
you cant feel it.
the change. the shift.

when you do though.
when you realize the change was so much bigger than what you wanted.
i hate to think that it will be to late.
so i will hold out hope.
that you make it out alive.
in tact.



dearest readers.

i probably dont know you.
and thats why i feel free to say all that i am going to.
in short, non committal letters.
to people. things. situations that i need to speak to.
read them. dont read them.
your choice.

the writer.