Sunday, December 13, 2015


dearest sir.

i feel so mad at you.
and so sad for you.

i dont understand you.

this negativity.
A L W A Y S !
has to be so hard on you.

your new ig name.
makes me think that you are soon going to do the unthinkable.
and it makes me sad that its an option that i can think that.
which makes me mad at you again.

you asked your sister.
why you were such a screw up.

i dont think you are.
i think that you just hide behind that.
you hide behind negativity.
you hide behind hurt.
you hide behind anger.
you hide behind pride.
you hide behind insecurity.

your hiding.
that is what makes you FEEL like a screw up.
but if you would come out of hiding.
i think it would be different.

i think that if you would find yourself.
find yourself in Jesus.
not for someone.
not because of someone.

that you could see that you arent.

you arent even close to a screw up.

i know your worth.

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